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Strategic Advice Consulting



Strategic Advice = Thrive!


We dig deep into your company to understand your strengths, and find solutions to your weaknesses. Sixty plus years of technical and business experience will solve your problems and teach you how to THRIVE!

  • Your dream is your unique value in your market. We develop your success in delivering your dream as a profitable Thriving company! 
  • Our services fit your budget.  If you are an established business or just starting out, we have the experience and tools to help your business succeed.

Your Problems:

  • Lack strategic direction
  • Undefined value proposition
  • Need a business niche
  • External business problems
  • Poor business organization
  • Limited management skills
  • Need computer automation tools

Our Expertise:

  • Complete Business Assessment
  • Strategic Vision realization
  • Value Proposition Definition
  • Organizational Troubleshooting 
  • Finding your niche market
  • Technology Assessment
  • Financial and business advice
  • Elegant Solutions for Difficult Problems