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Making a difference in YOUR business

Innovative Applications provides the Owner or CEO with strategic advice, based on your organizations specific needs and situation. How do you know if you need help? The 5 questions below will help you decide!

Can You Honestly Answer These 5 Questions?

1.       What are your organizations most pressing challenges today? (current problems)

2.       For what is your organization known? (Reputation in the community)

3.       What is your organization's value to clients or customers? (Why they buy from you)

4.       To whom are you valuable? (Who benefits from your efforts, including stakeholders)

5.       Why does your organization exist? (What is your mission or vision)

From your answers to these questions we will create an actionable plan to answer your needs with creative solutions.  

If you have an ongoing requirement for Strategic Advice, consider this:

My 'Strategic Advice Consulting' Package:


We meet (for about an hour) at a neutral location, where I learn about your situation, goals and limitations.  This initial assessment is absoutely free.

  • If we agree, we schedule subsequent meetings:
  • Following each meeting I will send a summary of what we talked about.
  • I will suggest things for you to think about – ‘Homework’
  • At the follow-up meetings I review your progress and thoughts on the 'Homework' issues, and suggest new actions.
  • At follow-up meetings, I will give you an invoice, which you only pay if my Strategic Advice is valuable to you!

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